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Construction Loans

I want to renovate or build a new home

If you’re thinking of renovating or building, it’s important to have expert guidance available when it comes to the financing.

Just like your builder and your architect, Your Village Mortgage Brokers can be part of your team to help deliver your dreams.

We can walk you through the complexities of home loans for construction (construction loans), the terms you’ll need to know, the documentation you’ll need and the additional steps in the loan process.

There are extra risks for the lender during your build and they want to be sure their loan is sufficient to cover the construction and any over-runs. So, in addition to a lender’s normal loan servicing requirements, you will also need to supply:

  • Copies of all plans and permits
  • A project budget & 
  • Building contracts
By your side

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

We can help you understand and meet all the lender’s requirements. Unlike a standard home loan, construction loans are usually paid in stages as your build progresses. These are referred to as “draw downs” and paid in separate “progress payments”. The draw downs need to align with your building contract or payment schedules.

Most lenders for construction loans allow interest only payments during the build, which can leave you with some flexibility for unforeseen expenses.

Typical stages for a full build construction project are:

  • Preparation. Plans, permits, connection fees, insurance etc.
  • Base. Concrete slab, footings, pad and base brickwork.
  • Frame. House frame complete and approved.
  • Lock-up. Windows and doors, roofing, exterior and insulation all done.
  • Fit Out. e.g. kitchen cupboards, appliances, bathroom and toilet all in, plumbing and electrics done, plastering and painting done.
  • Completion. Fences up. Site tidied. Builders receive final payment. 
Moving in and beyond

We're still with you

At the end of construction, when the builders have been paid, you’ll be moving into your dream home!

But our work isn’t done yet.

Your Village Mortgage Brokers will continue to monitor your progress and your loan to ensure your rate remains competitive.

We’ll let you know if we think we can get you a better deal.

First Home Buyers

Key things for you to consider

We'll help you determine a realistic budget that considers not only the property price but also ongoing expenses like maintenance, utilities, and council rates as well as your current lifestyle. It’s important you can manage your mortgage repayments without them causing you stress when you move in.

Navigating through the myriad of home loan options can be confusing. We'll break down the differences between fixed and variable rates, repayment terms, and eligibility criteria to find the best fit for you. This process means we not only get you into the right loan, but also maximise the chance of a successful outcome (approval from the lender) as we focus on mortgage solutions, not mortgage products.

There are various grants and schemes available for first home buyers in Victoria. We'll guide you through the application process and ensure you're maximizing the benefits.

Choosing the right location is crucial. We'll provide insights into different neighborhoods, their growth potential, and proximity to amenities.

Great advise

The Your Village Mortgage Broker Difference

Buying your first home is a significant financial commitment, and there are many potential pitfalls along the way. 

Our experienced team will be by your side to help you avoid common mortgage mistakes and take advantage of every possible opportunity.

From understanding the intricacies of home loan options and the pros and cons of each for you, to ensuring you can afford your loan and assisting you in evaluating properties, we ensure that you’re equipped with the tools and insights to make the right choices.

Make your mortgage work for you.

Take control of your home loan and learn how to make debt work FOR you, with our FREE Mortgage Mastery Guide!
We are your Mortgage Mentors

What's your next property move?


Maximising your lending opportunites

Our Approach

Here's what you can expect

Whether you are just starting out in property or are a seasoned investor, navigating the home loan lending process can be confusing and time consuming. We use our knowledge and experience to provide a streamlined approach and give you the advantage. We offer straighforward, flexible home loan solutions that don't just fulfil your current goals, but look to the future as well.

Getting to know you

We need to understand your current financial situation so we can determine the most competitive and appropriate lending solution and strategy to help achieve your lifestye and property goals.

The Nitty Gritty

With your Mortgage Strategy in place, our team will coordinate with you to gather all the relevant documents and information we need to help you get a speedy and positive outcome from the lender.


Getting pre-approval on your home loan means you can start looking for property or making plans. With the confidence of knowing that the lender has agreed in principle to lend you the money.

Unconditional approval

This is the green light that the lender has fully approved your loan with no conditions. It's not quite time to pop the champagne though, until settlement occurs.


Phew, we made it. The final inspection has been conducted, the title has been transferred into your names, and you have the keys to your new home in your hot little hands. Happy days!

Mortgage Mentoring

When the dust settles, we are still here to guide you along your property journey. From smart strategies to help you pay down your loan quicker or to build equity for future goals and projects. We've only just begun.


What our clients are saying

I found Rob from Your Village Mortgage Brokers very easy to deal with. He has an excellent grasp of the home loan options available and his explanations were clear and he was very reassuring. I’d highly recommend Rob to anyone thinking of speaking to a mortgage broker.

Damien G

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