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Everyone should be able to take control of their home loan finances to help achieve their goals. Our mission is to provide you with the informed & expert guidance you need. So your home loan becomes a vehicle that empowers you to achieve your goals, instead of just being a debt.

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Whether it's your first home, you’re downsizing, expanding or looking to invest in property, it can be a daunting process. That's why we created our Home Buyers Guide. To help make the journey to your new property as smooth as possible.Our Home Buyers Guide is packed with essential insights and expert guidance so you can confidently navigate the path to your dream home.
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Whether you are just starting out in property or are a seasoned investor, navigating the home loan lending process can be confusing and time consuming. We use our knowledge and experience to provide a streamlined approach and give you the advantage. We offer straighforward, flexible home loan solutions that don't just fulfil your current goals, but look to the future as well.

Getting to know you

We need to understand your current financial situation so we can determine the most competitive and appropriate lending solution and strategy to help achieve your lifestye and property goals.

The Nitty Gritty

With your Mortgage Strategy in place, our team will coordinate with you to gather all the relevant documents and information we need to help you get a speedy and positive outcome from the lender.


Getting pre-approval on your home loan means you can start looking for property or making plans. With the confidence of knowing that the lender has agreed in principle to lend you the money.

Unconditional approval

This is the green light that the lender has fully approved your loan with no conditions. It's not quite time to pop the champagne though, until settlement occurs.


Phew, we made it. The final inspection has been conducted, the title has been transferred into your names, and you have the keys to your new home in your hot little hands. Happy days!

Mortgage Mentoring

When the dust settles, we are still here to guide you along your property journey. From smart strategies to help you pay down your loan quicker or to build equity for future goals and projects. We've only just begun.


What our clients are saying

I found Rob from Your Village Mortgage Brokers very easy to deal with. He has an excellent grasp of the home loan options available and his explanations were clear and he was very reassuring. I’d highly recommend Rob to anyone thinking of speaking to a mortgage broker.

Damien G

Frequently asked questions

All the answers you need

Nothing!  We help you find the right lender for your home loan and they pay us a commission, which we’ll always tell you about. 

There is no additional charge to you by us or by the lender for using a mortgage broker. 

The law requires Mortgage Brokers to work in your best interests.  This is not the case for banks.

Banks and other lenders can only sell you their products.  Whereas, a mortgage broker will scan the market, shop around various lenders and find you the home loan that best suits your individual circumstances.

After you take out your loan, we monitor your loan regularly, provide you with market updates and keep an eye out for a better deal, including a better interest rate.  It is very unlikely that a bank would ever contact you directly with a better deal.

That’s our job!  A home loans is a big decision and can be very confusing.  We’ll talk to you to understand your financial situation, including what you own and what you owe, your goals and then match you to the home loan that suits you best.

We’ll talk you through the options and help you decide what’s right for you without the pressure of sales targets that drive many of the banks.

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